Free and secure SARS eFiling.

Important Dates: 2014

  • 01-07-2014 – Start of Tax Season for Individuals

  • 29-08-2014 – Submission and Payment of Provisional Tax

  • 21-11-2014 – End of Tax Season for Individuals

e Filing: A web-based application that will allow users to view, modify, and submit tax returns on-line. e-File is the term for electronic filing, or sending your income tax via the Internet to your tax authority. (SARS)
SARS: South African Revenue Services.
SARS eFiling meets international standards, being comparable with services offered in the United States and other countries. Tax Season 2013 is open for Individuals (Provisional and non-provisional taxpayers) and Trusts to complete and submit Income Tax Returns (ITR12).

Important Dates for Tax Year 3013: eFiling

When should it be submitted?
It’s very important that you submit your return on time to avoid any penalties and interest which may be charged for late submission. Please take note of the following deadline dates:
  • Paper/manual via post or dropping it off in a SARS drop box by 27 September 2013.
  • Electronically at a SARS branch by 22 November 2013.
  • Non-provisional taxpayers who use eFiling by 22 November 2013.
  • Provisional taxpayers who use eFiling by 31 January 2014.

If you’re not registered yet for eFiling, click here to follow our simple and easy steps to register.

How to register for SARS eFiling

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how to register for sars efiling

Two Main Benefits of eFiling with SARS

Two benefits of filing taxes electronically over mailing or manually delivering your tax return are that you will receive a tax refund sooner and your tax data goes directly to SARS computers with a greatly reduced chance of human keying or document scanning errors. eFiled returns cost 20 times less to process compared to a paper return, which saves tax payers a lot of money.

The website address of the

SARS eFiling

website is: http://www.sarsefiling.co.za/

Submitting supporting documents via SARS eFiling.

Submitting your ITR12 via SARS eFiling.